Hi! I’m Iz’Jayna Thomas.

I believe knowledge opens the gate to infinite possibilities .

A Doula is someone who is providing emotional, informational, and physical support. Having a nonbiased person who will support you through the toughest decisions you have to
make. To ensure that the fear of the unknown is not a factor. It is a Doula’s job to be an advocate, make sure that your voice
and concerns are being heard. We are here to make you sure you have the best birthing experience. With a doula’s support the possibility for labor complications are low.

Our Services
Prenatal Care
Your doula will provide four visits prior to the birth at which the parties shall learn and practice birth comfort measures, as
well as discuss birthing preferences. This is provided in addition to unlimited support via phone and video.

Childbirth Services
At the time of birth, I’ll already be on 24 hour call and ready to receive notice that is time. I’ll create the most comfortable environment for you and prepare everyone else. We will work through different positions and touch techniques to help bring on your labor. As your advocate, every concern and or change of plan will be made known to health provider or family. I
will be there for you and your family the whole time. Will help guide you through the bonding moment after birth, including breastfeeding if necessary.

Postpartum Support
I provide an hour postpartum visit to ensure that you and baby are bonding correctly. I can help with small chores around the house or help with other small children. If more help is
needed then I offer my services for an hourly rate.